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Gluteal Implants

In the 1980s, Silimed began to produce this type of implant, which were available in two models: oval and round.

At present, Silimed offers the most varied line of gluteal implants on the market, all of them conceived by plastic surgeons. They are made of silicone elastomer shells and filled with high-performance Biodesign gel capable of reproducing soft tissues, which makes for better adjustment of the implant to the specific area.

Indicated for people who need to correct atrophies, are very flaccid or simply want more volume in the gluteal region.

After 24 years of experience manufacturing gluteal implants, Silimed launched a design that synthesizes the principal demands of surgeons and patients: the Quartzo Star Gluteal line. This is an implant that can adapt to different surgical techniques. It is made of a smooth-surface opaque shell obtained by means of differentiated technology to create a high quality precuts that is more effective in its results.

The Quartzo Star Gluteal is present in an oval base, with two projections - high and low - and various volumes.

Gluteal implants were originally devised for reparatory and reconstructive surgery. Due to the good results obtained, they have been used more and more frequently in aesthetic surgery.

Gluteal Implants

Made of a low-bleed silicone elastomer envelope, smooth or textured surface, filled with high-performance Biodesign silicone gel or elastomer to the necessary consistency and resistance for the region where it will be implanted. Used for correcting atrophies in aesthetic or reparatory surgery.

Supplied in the oval and round bases and low and single projections in order to adapt to the anatomical differences and the wants and needs of each patient. Supplied Sterile.


Quartzo Gluteal Implants

When we realized the success of the line of Gluteal Quartzo implants, it became clear that it ought to have a new name, one that would be more appropriate for the prominent place it holds in the market. And so was born the Gluteal Star Line, which is just another way of promoting these implants. The Gluteal Star Line represents the very best in SILIMED gluteal implants, bringing together the most advanced technology and various surgical techniques to produce a very natural aesthetic result. It should be noted that the technical characteristics of the product remain unchanged: the Gluteal Star has a smooth surface, is opaque and filled with Biodesign gel, with an oval base and two projections - high and low - and volumes of 200cc to 500cc.